Monday, December 4, 2017



Monday was my last zone activity! It was way fun. we have a tradition in the mission that when you go home you get pied in the face by your comp at Zone Activity. Sooooo, I got pied! Twice!! Greenhalgh Shimai pied me and then since *rewind to march* I pied Conover Choro on his birthday, they decided it was only fair he got revenge, so he pied me too. I never knew it was possible to have so much cream shoved up your nose- hahaha. 

Tuesday was my last Zone Conference and it was so amazing. Kaicho started out by talking about suffering and sacrifice. And how the savior didn't hold back from suffering and sacrificing for us, we shouldn't hold anything back from serving Him even if it means a little suffering and little sacrifice. 

He told a story about when he was a stake president, a missionary had just come home and had come straight from the airport to his office to be released. The missionary had dirt covered shoes that were falling apart and flapped every time he walked. He asked the missionary why he didn't come home in some nicer shoes and the missionary told him they were the nicest shoes he had. Kaicho said "those shoes were just one token of the suffering and sacrifice this missionary had made on his mission" 

I looked down at my own worn out, mud stained shoes with the heel hanging off the bottom and was overwhelmed with gratitude for everything I've been through the past 18 months. It wasn't anything near what He suffered for me but I'm grateful I got to suffer and sacrifice just a tiny bit for Him. 

"I am convinced that missionary work is not easy because salvation is not a cheap experience. Salvation never was easy. … How could we believe it would be easy for us when it was never, ever easy for Him?” Jeffrey R Holland 




Wednesday, November 29, 2017



The past few days have been packed!

Wednesday was temple pday. My very last time going through the Sapporo Temple as a missionary. It was a veryyyy special experience I'll never forget. The love I have for that temple and what it means for the people of Hokkaido is unreal. It has definitely been the center piece of my mission. 💛

THANKSGIVING!!! Ahhh hope you all ate lots of good food and watched lots of good football. There's so much to be grateful for.

Also cool story.

THE YONETAS ARE GETTING BAPTIZED!!!!! AND PROBABLY BEFORE I LEAVE!!!!!!! Oh my flip I love them. Yui Chan usually has swim lessons on Sunday but yesterday they went and changed it to Saturdays so they can come to church every week! They came yesterday and loved it! I'm so excited for them.


Wednesday, November 22, 2017

You can call me AP👸🏻


Sooo this past week our Mission President went to South Korea for a meeting and while he was gone he asked us to stay at his house and house sit!!!!! So we got to live in honbu for a week and wake up next to our beautiful temple EVERY DAY!!!!! It was the coolest thing ever. They have an oven AND a dishwasher. 2 things I haven't seen in 18 months. It was heaven. #blessings #atsubetsuprincess

We also got hit by our first blizzard of the season! Woot woot!! I've only biffed it on the ice once so far. #penguinshuffle4dayz

One night my comp and I were trudging our way through the snow and we were exhaustedddd. We got to an apartment and no one was home and no one was outside. It was pitch dark and dead silent so we just fell over on a 5 foot tall snow bank and looked up at the stars for awhile watching our breath turn to fog. It was a perfect hallmark Christmas movie moment. I was expecting the polar express to pull up any second. I'm gonna miss my Sapporo sooo much.


There's also a family that's been coming to our eikaiwa. They are so awesome!! Thier little girl came last week and read us a letter she wrote to the missionaries telling us thank you because she now knows there is a God!! Ahh, I love them. The parents are hardcore motorcycle racers and they are so much fun. They're so prepared and are so accepting to the gospel!

Isn't it such a blessing to just KNOW? How could life ever make sense without the gospel?? I can't imagine.



Our view for the past week😎

Hello to the goodbyes😓

Well this week has been crazy. (Do I say that every week???)

It was transfer week which is always crazy but this week was special because I got asked to train a new missionary straight from the MTC!! Her name is Greenhalgh Shimai and she's AWEOSME!! I got to go into honbu on Wednesday and meet her and stay the night on temple grounds with so many of my bestest buds and it was literally the funnest time ever!!

Butttttttt at the exact same time

It's my last transfer

Which means I had to say bye to some of my bestest friends, they're getting sent to the other side of the island so I won't see them again before I leave. I cried (bawled) for like 2 days straight.

I'm clearly very good at saying bye to people.

It's gonna be an emotional 5 weeks.





My bean!!



Today I convinced my district to take a road trip to OTARU!!!!!!! It was such a party! Anything to see the ocean :) when you've only got a limited amount of Pdays you gotta go big or go home!


This week is transfers! MY LAST ONE. so crazy.

Monday, October 23, 2017



This week lots of cool things happened that I don't feel like writing about! でも頑張ります。

We get to use Facebook now!! It's so weird. But it's been super awesome getting to connect with investigators and members from my past areas! It's super cool because I can literally teach anyone the gospel through Facebook. Like if you aren't a member and you're reading this, I can video call you on Facebook and teach you the gospel no matter where in the world you are!! How cool is that??? #addme

Wednesday, my comps bike got stolen. Got to ride in a police car. It was exciting. But yeah that ends my biking career as a missionary. RIP.

Monday, I competed in the most intense game of old lady volleyball ever played. And won. (sorry conover)

Friday, I made fermented veggies. Yay Japan!

Today it's snowing. A lot. Feels like Sapporo again💛

My emails just get lamer every week. I'm so sorry.

Only 8 more I promise!



Atsubetsu Zone + one from Kitami

Wednesday, October 18, 2017


"Hard is the constant! We all have challenges. The variable is our reaction to the hard."

"What good does it do to save the world if we neglect the needs of those closest to us and those whom we love the most? How much value is there in fixing the world if the people around us are falling apart and we don’t notice? Heavenly Father may have placed those who need us closest to us, knowing that we are best suited to meet their needs."

"While in mortality let’s strive for steady improvement without obsessing over what behavioral scientists call “toxic perfectionism.” 

"'I came into the world to do the will of [the] Father,' Jesus taught. Dear brothers and sisters, so have we."

"Our Father in Heaven is concerned not just about our comfort but even more about our upward progress"

"I might paraphrase President Brigham Young in saying, “I wish I had the voice of seven thunders to wake up the people” to the truth and power of the Book of Mormon."

"No one has learned the meaning of living until he has surrendered his ego to the service of his fellow man."

"I believe that every man, woman, and child has felt the call of heaven at some point in his or her life. Deep within us is a longing to somehow reach past the veil and embrace Heavenly Parents we once knew and cherished."

Dang, wasn't Conference THE BOMBBB? So much fun.  Really pumped to watch next conference in my pjs on the couch with my fam. 


Today we went to an Olympic ski jump with the elders and Von Forells!! So fun. Leaving my Sapporo is gonna kill me.