Tuesday, December 13, 2016


This week was crazyyyyyyy. So first of all transfer calls came.....I'm staying in Shinkotoni and my new companion is Hannant 姉妹 from Brisbane, Australia!! We're already having so much fun together. After Aussie and Kiwi companions and learning Japanese, my English makes noooo
sense- hahah ごめん

Saturday the most insane blizzard hit Sapporo! IT WAS CRAZY!!! I've never seen anything like it in my life. So much snow. We decided to go up to hanakawa and everyone we tried to visit was
gone so we were just walking around in this blizzard for 4 hours asking people if we could
shovel their driveways for them but no one wanted our help. We finally made it to a members
house and she let us in. I tried to take my boots off and my boot liners were frozen to my tights
and my hair was frozen to my scarf. Frozen chosen life😂. We ended up shoveling her whole
driveway. Just imagine two girls from places that never get snow trying to shovel a driveway full
of 5 feet of snow. It was so fun! Then we ended up getting lost trying to find the bus stop so here
we are again walking around hanakawa in a blizzard. We passed a group of middle school boys
and they walked us all the way to the bus stop and eventually we made it back to shinks!!! When we finally made it to shinks we went to the church and the elders were there shoveling so we
decided to run up a mountain of snow in the parking lot (videos to come) it was so much fun!
And it hasn't stopped snowing since...

We got to teach Yoshi San again. I showed him a picture of my family and he said "People who
believe in God are beautiful." Hahaha -I love him so much.

Being a missionary during Christmas is the greatest thing ever. We just get to run around telling
everyone we see about the real meaning of Christmas. IT'S THE BEST!


We went bowling for a zone activity and you better believe I beat our zone leader!

Tuesday, December 6, 2016


Last Monday we found out that Lafaele Shimai and I would be going on splits together that night!!!! Tender mercy. MTC comps back it. We were sooooo pumped!! We walked up to Shinkotoni to visit Ochiai San. (Our golden investigator) she let us in and we somehow managed to have a conversation. Miracle. (Lafaele and I are still beans so we don't know much Japanese). Then she started making us ramen. By the time the ramen was done it was 8:30 and curfew is 9 and we were 45 minutes from our apartment. Do you see the problem??? So we ate that ramen faster than we've eaten anything in our lives. And this wasn't American top ramen were talking about... This was a giant bowl of Japanese ramen with eggs and bamboo and other things I was too scared to ask what they were.... After we finished we shared a message about finding strength in Christ and RANNNNN literally full speed in the snow back to the apartment. It was sooo much fun. and painful hahah. The next day Ochiai San called and said she loves when we come over because she feels so much peace. We told her that was the spirit and she agreed:) Miracle.

Wednesday we got to teach one of our Eikiwa students, Yoshi San. He told us he wanted to believe in God because the world is so scary and he wants to feel peace. We showed the Mormon message "Why we need a Savior" after he said "that is my first time watching anything like that and I want more things like that in my life!" Then we talked about the Book of Mormon and I told him reading the Book of Mormon is how I feel peace in my life and the days I forget to read I don't have that same peace. He said "where can I get that book. I will read it everyday." How cool is that??? Miracle. Teaching him reminded me how blessed I am to know what I know and how EVERYONE deserves to and needs to know it.

And for the best news... The first time I taught a lesson in Japan, we taught a 17 year old girl. Himawari ちゃん. She doesn't live in our area so we passed her to the missionaries in her area. She still comes to our Eikiwa every week and last night SHE GOT BAPTIZED!!! We are so excited for her!

Tomorrow is transfer calls which means I'll be getting a new companion and possibly a new area and be able to dendo again!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!





Tuesday I got to go on splits for a few hours with Oka 姉妹 while Massey 姉妹 and Zollinger 姉妹 stayed in the apt!! It was so nice to get out. All the roads were covered in ice so we penguin shuffled all the way to Tonden. No one we planned to visit was home (just my luck) but we still had a lot of fun!

Spent Thanksgiving at the most American place we could think of...KFC.

Friday night we got a text from a random number asking if we could be friends... So we said yes and planned to meet up the next day. I was a little freaked out it was going to turn into the Saratov
Approach 2 but it turned out to be this 40 year old woman that literally just wanted some friends...It was still weird but she believes in God so were gonna try to teach her the lessons!

And that sums up the amount of times I got out of the apartment this week! Massey 姉妹 and I have been having nightmares all week. It's pretty weird. Kaichō thinks it's because we've been stuck in the same place too long haha shoot we've literally gone insane:/

Hope you all had a great thanksgiving and watched lots of football and ate lots of yummy American food. Now go spread the Christmas initiative for this year... #LIGHTtheWORLD. mormon.org :)



"The purpose of faith is not to change God’s will but to empower us to act on God’s will. Faith is trust--trust that God sees what we cannot and that He knows what we do not....It means trusting that God loves us perfectly, that everything He does--every blessing He gives and every blessing He, for a time, withholds--is for our eternal happiness" Dieter F Uchtdorf