Tuesday, March 21, 2017



This week a family fed us pig intestines. I only had one bite but it was the most painful thing I've ever endured. I'm probably scarred for life. Afterwards they asked what I liked the best so I said "oh the pig intestines of course!" And they got super happy and excited and then I remembered sarcasm isn't a thing in Japan. The food here has definitely been one of the biggest struggles-hahaha.

Last week we visited a member and I noticed a bottle of doterra in their house so I was like woah 
γ²γ•γ—γΆγ‚Š! Then yesterday at church she came up to me and was like "did you know your mom is famous?" And whips out an article about my parents that her friend in Tokyo had sent her. Then we had a conversation about doterra for like 30 min and she taught my companion all about it. It was awesome.

Friday I got to go on splits with Lafa!!!! MTC comps back at it. We went and did shizen dendo. We
walked into a mall and sat on a bench and started talking to a girl, became besties, taught her an awesome lesson about Heavenly Father using the picture of me and my dad and got her number so we could meet again! It was awesome. Then we talked to some high school girls, I asked them where they thought I was from and one of them was like "well she's really white so I think Russia"
that one stung.. but I'm recovering. The sun will come up. Someday.

Yesterday I got asked to pray in English and let's just say it's a good thing no one in that room spoke English because nothing that came out of my mouth made sense. I think that's a good sign maybe?



Lafa and I have been together for basically everything since day 1 so here's a vid that sums up us and our missions. (I may have had to stand on a box to be as tall as her)

Wednesday, March 15, 2017



This week was the BEST EVER! For one reason. Kudou family.

I've been waiting to tell this story for awhile so here ya go... back in the beginning of February we were walking down the street and saw a lady shoveling snow so we stopped and asked if we could help. She said no (they always do) but we talked some more and turns out she and her family really want to learn English! So we told them about our free family English program... we teach English and after share a spiritual message. We set up an appointment and we've taught them every week since for about a month! They are my favorite family in the world!!! Their kids are ages 11, 10, 8 and 3. 

Two weeks ago we taught them about the Book of Mormon and all the kids really wanted one so we gave them each their own. We went back this week and they all had been reading it and really liked it. The kids kept telling me how badly they wanted to come to church (crazy right?) so I had been praying allllll week that they would come but yesterday church started and they weren't there. I was super upset but I kept praying. Then a few minutes into sacrament meeting I get a text saying "we're coming soon!" !!!!!!!!!!!

Seeing that family walk into church together was the highlight of my life! As they were leaving they were telling me how much fun they had and how they can't wait to come back next week! I love the kudou family!!!!!

Wednesday we had ZTM. We got to watch the devotional from when Elder Holland came to Japan. Holy cow if you want your mind blown and your life changed I'd give it a watch!! Apparently it's on Facebook somewhere so I'm sure my beautiful mother will share it for you all.

Tuesday I went to a ladies house and ate octopus and pig ears.... yeah....

Oh and if any of you were wondering, it still snows everyday but it is getting warmer I think! It got
up to like 37 degrees this week!!!

And on another random note.. the Sapporo temple President makes some dang good udon! #perksoflivinginShinoro


"As our testimony of Him expands and matures, we begin to care more about life forever than life today and we have no desire but to do what He needs us to do and to live as He has asked us to live." Sheri Dew

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Hi ビショップ


This week was transfer week! I'm staying in Shinoro and my new comp is Nakazawa Shimai from Tokyo! ζ₯½γ—い。we've been super busy with transfers and meetings and what not so we've only had about 2 hours of dendo. But we just happened to have one of the coolest miracles! We were walking to visit an investigator and passed a non-active member's house and noticed all the lights were on. They are neverrrr home and if they are home they never let missionaries in. We decided to stop and visit them and see what happens. She opened the door and we talked a little and since it was Girls Day (really big holiday here) she invited us in to her home to see all her girls day doll things (I'm still a little confused on what they mean so if anyone knows fill me in) anyways we ended up talking for over an hour with her and her husband and her daughter!! They've been to St. George and they love Madeline so we became besties real fast. The dad has a ukulele so I'm gonna bring mine next time and we're going to jam. It's really cool when God leads you right where you need to be. We had no plans to visit them and I wasn't even going to turn down their street but that's where my feet just decided to go. Missionary work is the best!