Sunday, July 30, 2017



Happy Pioneer Day !!🎆

This week has been cool beans.

One day we were out housing and we knocked on a million doors and no one talked to us (typical) but the last door we knocked on a lady cameout. We told her we were missionaries and she told us that her daughter had just passed away that day. She was really busy so she couldn't listen to us but she was super grateful we had come. We asked if there was anyway we could help her and we were able to testify of eternal families and Gods love. It was a really sweet moment for me to see that God loved this lady so much that He sent us to her, just to show her He's there and He loves her. She's most likely Buddhist and doesn't even believe in God but He still loves her enough to send us to her.

Saturday we got to go cherry picking with our ward! Turns out Hokkaido is AWESOME. All I've seen of Hokkaido is the city and the farmland so that's all I thought there was BUT we drove 2 hours out and up the coast and holy cow Hokkaido is beautiful! We were cruising up the coast and turned a corner and all the sudden we were in the middle of a rainforest!! So pretty. I love Hokkaido.

Also had the worst experience of my life this week. We were housing and it was dark and we went up to ping a door and it was pitch black and Lay Shimai goes "oh flip don't look behind you" so obviously I did. Then my heart stopped, my legs went weak and I almost died. The BIGGEST spider I've EVER SEEN IN MY LIFE. it's legs were probably as thick as my fingers. It was HUGE. once my heart started working again I screamed and ran out of there so fast. Lay Shimais new goal is for me to marry someone who is as afraid of spiders as I am. She thinks it'd be funny, I think it'd end with us burning our house down. I'm ready for the snow to come back so the spiders will go away.

Oh yeah we received 50 cucumbers from people this week so if you have any ideas for using cucumbers let me know.....



1&2- these kids were watching us house and then started going door to door with us hahaha #futuremissionaries. Then we played at the park :)

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