Tuesday, August 1, 2017



This week we went to Kushiro!!! It's the opposite side of the island from Sapporo. It was a lot of fun. Ozaki Shimai and I decided to do some basketball dendo so we went to this court right on the harbor and played ball right next to the ocean and a bunch of pirate ships. It was awesome!!!

Afterwards we were walking down the harbor and my exact thoughts were: "Wow I like this place. This reminds me of the Netherlands. Man I wanna live in the Netherlands" Literally 2 SECONDS later we walk past a gaijin so I ask him where he's from and he's like "The Netherlands!"

*que me freaking out*

We talked about how great Holland was for a bit. It was a good time.

BUT WAIT it gets better.

The next day we went to catch our bus home and he was there taking the same bus as us to Sapporo!!! 5 hour bus ride with my new Dutch bff. Turns out he's been to SLC and has met the missionaries in Holland (probably my dad) before!!! I gave him the only English "I'm a Mormon" card that I've been carrying around since I left the MTC 10 months ago and told him to find the missionaries again when he goes home.

So cool that God would send probably the only missionary in Hokkaido that knows anything about the Netherlands to the other side of the island the one day that someone from the Netherlands also happens to be on the other side of the island. "There's no such thing as coincidence when you're on the Lords errand" -Elder Bednar. If there's one thing I've learned on my missions it's how God loves His children individually, not just as a mass whole. He'll go through great lengths just to bring a smile or comfort to one person.

In other news North Korea shot a missile this week that came within 70 miles of hitting Sapporo haha...... yeah one of our eikaiwa students told us we should go back to America because Korea is getting closer and closer every week and they're probably going to hit Sapporo by the end of the year. I guess we'll see! Good times in Hokkaido!



This week we had summer festival and got to wear yukatas (summer kimonos)!!!

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