Thursday, June 15, 2017



This week was rad. Met a ton of really awesome people!!

One day we biked out to the country side and I saw this hidden road that went behind a forest so I wanted to see if anyone lived back there.. we went behind the trees and there were RICE FIELDS FOR DAYSSS. It was so pretty. We met this old rice farmer man that was in his car leaving but we stopped him and talked to him for a bit then he got out of his car, got us some juice, introduced us to his dog and cat and gave us some fresh rice from his rice field!! The whole time his car was still running hahah. He was so awesome. We gave him our number and the next day he called and told us he wants to feed us sushi sometime haha what a guy.

We met another rice farmer that told us in the next life he wants to be a Christian but he can't in this life because his ancestors would come back and kill him haha  it he was super cool and said he'd pray for us. I LOVE RICE FARMERS!!

We got to go to Asahikawa this week for splits, I love that place so much. Met my new best friend. She came to eikaiwa and we talked the whole time and became buds and she said "I wasn't going to come tonight but I felt like I should and I think it was so I could meet you" then she drove us home and the next day she called to see if we had left yet and we said we were just about to and she told us she was going to come get us and drive us to the eki. She came and got us and gave me some homemade jam and said "i went home last night and just thought of all the things we're going to do together when you transfer here, I'm going to teach you how to cook and how to make bread... it's going to be so fun!" I LOVE HER SO MUCH! I pretty much have to transfer to Asahikawa now.... everyone start praying!!!!




If you translate this movie poster to English it says "I want to eat your pancreas"

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