Friday, June 9, 2017

I Met Henry!


This week Elder Dallin H Oaks came to visit our mission! He came with the entire Area Presidency! It was pretty cool. They walked in and we got to shake all their hands!

Sister Oaks got up to talk to us and told us we were a very warm, happy mission and that that was a rare thing. She said she thinks it's because our mission is so hard. She said "There are some days we spend the entire day in the temple and I've noticed the happiest workers are always the six a.m. session. It's the hardest session considering how early they have to get up to be there, yet they are the happiest. I think it's the same here. You are the six a.m.session. You are the frozen chosen." hahaha- I love my mission.

Something Elder Oaks said that I loved was "Remember to love, teach and testify. Love, the most important emotion on earth, is a matter of feeling, not science." If our investigators can feel our love for them they will better be able to understand Gods love for them and our message. Whenever we visit people we always ask if we can give them a hug before we leave, the smile they get on their face is my favorite thing ever! Nakatsuka kaicho always asks us to be "messengers of love" because our message really is a message of love.

It was a really great conference! Learned lots. Plus since it was Mission Conference I got to see the whole mission aka all my favorite people!!! It was the best ever and made me really happy.

Lay 姉妹 and I are working really hard and seeing lots of miracles! It's been raining like crazy which has pretty much destroyed everything we own... but it's been fun! I can't decide which is more fun: biking through typhoons all day or walking through blizzards all day. There seems to be no in between here.  Wouldn't want to be anywhere else :)


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