Friday, June 9, 2017

My Slice of Heaven


This week was pretty awesome. Last Monday was the Nakatsuka's last FHE. We took Yuki San and as we were waiting to go inside a car pulls up and out jumps my KUDOU KAZOKU!!!!!(The family I was teaching in Shinoro) never been so happy in my life. I ran over to them so fast- hahah. They had come just to see me because they knew I'd be there. I love them so much.

FHE (Family Home Evening) was so awesome, there was a point we were sitting there listening to a musical number and I looked over and saw Yuki, my Kudou fam, all my missionary buds, and a bunch of members and investigators from my past areas. That's what my heaven is going to look like. It was probably my favorite moment of my life.

Also got to talk to an investigator from Shinkotoni and he is getting baptized in 2 weeks! And Yuki went through the temple this week and did baptisms for her grandma!! YAY!!

This week we met so many cool people and had a lot of fun experiences. One day we were walking down the street and there were some people outside having a BBQ and we walked by and they were like "come join us!" So we got to hang out and eat some BBQ- hahah. Another day we met a guy from India that's fluent in English so we got to teach him the whole first lesson in English!! It was awesome! We also met this sweet old lady that told us to come visit her so we did and she sang us traditional Japanese songs and fed us veggies from her garden. My comp looked at me and was like "isn't it so weird that our lives basically consist of going into strangers houses and becoming friends with them" hahah being a missionary is the best!

I love Japan so much.



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